Letting Go? Huh? What?
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 5:02AM
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Letting go? What does this mean? Throughout our existence humanity has struggled with this concept. No matter the progress, the intellectual breakthroughs, the advancement in technology. This basic concept of emotional development has become a distinctive hurtle and a concept that we are reluctant to grasp.

Why? Why is it so hard for us to let go? To let go of our feelings, our fears, our dreams, and be willing to accept “change” as progress?  All of us face these realities, however to some degree all of us are surprised by our circumstances. It’s a funny thought that society has evolved through the ages, but is incapable of achieving “emotional maturity”. It feels “emotional maturity” has seemed to fallen between the cracks of human growth.  


It's Time to Let Go (it will be OK)I would have to say the reason we have such a difficult time of “letting go” is due to “fear”. It is something that we as “civilized” individuals are not willing to admit openly. However I believe it is the “fear” that paralyzes us from really living our lives and achieving our dreams. I wish people would recognize this “fear” and stand up and say, NO! I want to achieve my wishes and dreams! I want to let go of all the struggles and limitations!

Most of you are thinking, “I want to do that”, “I want to let go!” “I want to achieve something more in my life but how?” Some of us are capable of achieving this by sheer perseverance and determination.  However for the rest us we need something to help us along. I know I did.  We need something that is going to hold us accountable, to visualize and see progress.  Wishes4life.com has been a great tool in helping me to “let go” and start living my life and realize my wishes and dreams.

My Testimony

Personally I have experienced a lot of change in my life recently. Six months ago I was constantly traveling the United States for my job. I spent more time in airports than at home with my boyfriend.  And If I wasn’t in an airport I was in my office surrounding by four walls, a computer screen, and no window to the outside world.  I thought to myself, there has to be more to this life. I thought what happened to my wishes and dreams? They seemed to have disappeared. I decided I needed to do something.  I started to post of all wishes at Wishes4life.com, I figured if I start posting all my wishes as well as  the desire and history behind each wish at least I “let go” of all these wishes and put it into cyber space. At that moment, I felt accountable for achieving these wishes.

During the weeks and months to follow, I found myself buying a violin and taking lessons, going kayaking, running, painting and deepening in my faith. I finally took ACTION! I even got myself a new job which has an office with a window. I no longer travel and I am able to spend time with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I am even in the process of moving to a city closer to the beach, so I can enjoy spending time doing the things I love. Wishes4life. com helped my realize my wishes and dreams as well as see the "progress" or "change" in my life. 

There is nothing “unique” or “special” about me that allowed me to start changing my life. It was a simple and real decision that I decided to make.

When are you going to start living your life and start “letting go”? Are you going to rise to occasion and take action and start and EXPRESS your wishes privately or publicly?


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