Be Bold... Step Out Of Yourself And Surprise Someone

As the fall chill brings relief from the summer heat, the opportunity arises once again for you to step out of yourself  and take on a different character. Preferably a somewhat unexpected persona that trespasses into the world of the strange. Dare to be different and not afraid to skate on uncharted realms of the freakdom. Don't withdraw into a costume from a Halloween warehouse, be odd and unusual in your nature. 

Challenge To Let Go

Yes, the month of Halloween makes this action seem appropriate, yet I'm not advocating October 31st. I am simply challenging you to try to let go of the chains that maintain a "normal, boring behavior" and cut loose. Take a risk and step out of character and be weird for a change. Who knows, mixing up the norm that defines your day to day opinions, appearance, behavior and thinking might do some good. 

To be weird and seek every chance to introduce "the off the wall" perspective could be a healthy alternative to taking medication, watching primetime television and wearing the same mundane business suits since the 1990s. Walking on the wildside and letting the Captain Bizarre out the cave every so often might reveal an untapped source of wonderment, humor and joy buried deep under the upper crust of adulthood. 

Give it some thought, cut loose and live your dream because life is short. 


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