New Wishes4Life DIY Feature: Make it official 
Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 9:23AM
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Wishes4Life "Make it Offcial" feature helps to put the most important personal affairs in order for you and your loved ones by expressing and making your wishes official. In the absence of a will or estate plan, your expressed wishes on Wishes4Life will provide your loved ones with your wishes. 

To start this process, we at wishes4life have compiled four simplified documents that are free and intended to help you with this very important next step. We hope the documents provided will help make it easier for you to, "Make it Official". 

3 simple DIY steps to bring peace of mind

  1. Download and complete one of the four document from "Make it Official
  2. Express your wishes as private (draft) and attach the completed document
  3. Click on "Create My Wish" to save your private wish and document. You have a opportunity to share you wish at this time or later when you are ready to share your wishes with who needs to know (family, friends or a professional) just click on "Share" button for private sharing

At any time you can share or unsahre a wish, update the wish and add or delete documents or images by simply clicking on "Update".

The Elephant in the room

Whatever the case may be don't let the taboo or superstition surrounding death preventing you from planning and taking care of your loves ones or expressing your final wishes. Take advantage of the time you have now and plan for the end of life before it is too late. For life on this earth is a fleeting moment, let the vanity of this world fade away and embrace what matters, your loved ones. The Elephant in the room
What would you want for your family to know, when you are not able? Express it!


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