Wishing Away The Distance!

2 years ago, I met my now fiancée, whilst on a driving holiday in the US. There was an obvious connection at the time, but we were both faced with the physical barrier, that consists of most of the USA and the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, I am British and my life was in London, whilst my Fiancée was from California. After returning to the UK, friends and people around me listened politely to my endless raptures about the girl I had met on holiday, but I could tell that most had put this down to a 'holiday romance', 'a practical impossibility' ‘a passing phase’. My fiancée and I shared one wish - to be together. Life however, is complicated by jobs, friends, family ties and most unfortunately - Visa's, so how could we make this a reality? As time went by, we arranged to meet for a long weekend in New York, a few days in Chicago, a trip to California, another, another a trip to London..and so on.

Count the days off, one by one

Between each rendez-vous, we would count the days off, one by one, whilst the airlines Accountants counted our dollars and work down counted our few remaining vacation days. None of these constraints seemed to matter, or diminish our  One Wish. Nothing in this world is impossible and I am am happy to say  the wish came true! Now I drive on the 'wrong' side of road, struggle to finish the food portions in a restaurant and cannot seem to watch 10 minutes of TV without being interrupted by a commercial! All this doesn’t matte because I wake up each morning next to my beautiful Fiancee