105 Year Secret To Happiness Revealed

In an interview with a woman who just turned 105, the question was posed: what’s the secret to happiness?  While a step slower, a little hard of hearing and a bit forgetful, she is happy to be surrounded by her friends and family.  Despite living in a world that has passed her by, her secret to happiness is timeless.

The Secret To Longevity And Happiness

Jessie, before her 105th birthday party, shares her secret to longevity and happiness.  Peace.  Yes, peace; she implored those around her to have peace in their heart.  While a deeply religious woman, she believed in forgiving those around her in order to be forgiven.  Knowing that she has lived a long full life, she says she is ready for heaven after a long life with little regrets.  Despite being ready for heaven, she says that right now, the waiting if the most difficult part.

Swimming And Hockey Secret To A Long And Fearless Life

When most people think of swimming, they think of a lazy day at the beach, or dipping your feet in a pool at a barbeque.  When others think of hockey they think of hard hits, blazing slap shots, and big men with missing teeth.  How do these two combine to help a woman live to 105?  Perhaps this is Jessie’s true secret to a long life.  She kept a regular schedule (swimming until she turned 101) and is still a hockey fan, even if she cannot remember players names.  While these two activities seem to have little in common; both tie into Jessie’s life motto of being “fearless.” Her children discussed how their mother is fearless, that they were taught to take charge of their own life.  In swimming and hockey, you don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen, both can be exciting activities, or both can be rather mundane. 

What do you think?  Did Jessie make sense when she tells people to live with peace in their heart?

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Reader Comments (1)

The hindsight benefited wisdom that a 105 year old (did I just say that! Wow!) can provide, is the closest to consulting a great and powerful Oracle. She just boiled it all down to the life’s keep plot points swimming = peace, hockey = fearlessness. Excellent post!

June 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterErica
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