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A New Start for Life 

My uncle recently celebrated his 90th birthday with family. It was one those moments when there was no need for gifts because they were already there unwrapped and flourishing in life. Children, grandchildren and a nephew having a good time around a man who witnessed the Depression, WW2, 1960s and survived cancer. 

My uncle changed gears career wise more than 30 years ago, and he is still going strong today. The reason for this move was to make more room for his family and faith. The payoff of that decision is clearly evident as I witness so much love in the room during the birthday celebration. 

Never too late to change

The point of this post is that it is never too late to change careers or vocations in order to enjoy family and life more. Being stuck in a job that makes great money, yet sucks the life out of you, is not very rewarding in the long run.  The work is probably not that fun, and more importantly, leaves little room in the heart to love anything or anyone.

Loving someone and being loved matters most in life, a job is a necessary for sustenance. People who take their careers too seriously fall into a lonely pit. Their family fades into the background of another alter reality, disputes take control and love simply dies. 

It doesn't need to be that way. My uncle made a decision in 1980 and enjoys the path it has taken him on ever since. Everyday is a celebration with his wife, family, church, friends and doing want he loves to do to help people. A simple life is a life worth living. 

Remember, no tombstone says great sales rep or accountant--it's all about husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother and friend. Live, Love and Laugh! 

Is there "A New Start" you can share? What is your dream job?