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A Special Valentine Day Wishes

For this Valentine's Day on the question of LOVE I didn't have to go far. The images, words, and sometimes music, combine to tell some very powerful stories in just a minute or two. Unconditional love for family, friends, strangers and the blue planet.

For example, one person’s wish was for his girlfriend. “My wish would be that she could see herself the way I see her…and if she could see herself the way I do..

You can see all the responses on the RealizeYourDreams channel and post your own response on onedaytolive.org

  • Another girl wishes for the love of music for everyone, because music brings people together. Another wants to meet the Jo Brothers or Justin Bieber.
  • Another young girl's wish would be "for all people to realize how incredible nature is, and do their part to sustain its beauty", and to "keep Nature Alive"
  • One video was submitted by a girl who asked for a better education for her sister.
  • Another boy, wishes for a cure for his brother who has a rare disorder called homocystinuria which means he cannot eat any protein. Both boys appear in the video.
  • Another boy at first wishes that his best friend will no longer suffer from OCD, but then he changes it to a series of wishes so that every person in his country would get food and clean water, have a decent place to live, a good education, and an end to child labor.
  • Another young man says that if he had the power, he would change everything: stop all the wars, make sure every child in the world has food, water and a house. Another boy wishes for his parents to win the lottery. Another girl, literally gives her heart away. Then, there is a very clever animated story, whose ending I will not spoil. All of these videos are very well done, with music and high quality editing.

Young couple, is romantically sweet, where they each wish for each other to have a child, he, that she would have his child, and she, that he gets to be a father if either of them had one day left to live.

A young man with chronic pancreatitis, a painful condition with no existing cure, expresses his wish is for a cure, not for himself, since the wish is being made on his last day on earth, but for others, because, "I don't want any child to go through the pain that I've gone through for the last nine years."

A young girl's final wish would be to end to drunk driving, "it kills so many innocent people, it has to stop."

Make Time To Remember

One video is a deep reflection on the things that matter. Opening with a theme of awakening, it begins, "Most of us don't hear it. Most of it don't want to hear it." What is it? Time. "Time is what makes life precious, so precious that we have to make time to remember

Love: Last gift to give

Short drama with original story and music touches on how fragile, yet enduring life is and that it should be seen as a celebration to be exchanged, not thrown away. Last Gift to Give

Love for the people of India

The imagery, words and music form a bridge, which takes me to a different culture on the other side of the world. India--mysterious, inviting, sad and joyful--all at the same time. A Better Place to Live

Accomplishment, the greatest feeling

Young man, does some soul searching in his video, looking for a wish for someone on their last day on earth. After rejecting some more superficial ideas, like getting to drive their dream car or live in their dream house for a day, he chooses instead "that they understood that they did everything they could," because, "the feeling of accomplishment, is the greatest feeling in the world."

I hope that you will take a few minutes to reflect. Perhaps you'll be inspired to express a wish or enter a video of your own, share with others or perhaps just be inspired.

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