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17 Wishes from Mr. 'Beat the Odds'

How much more challenging could surviving college be? There you are in your hormonal prime, juggling work (part/full time, in a growing number of cases), your social calendar, your Facebook page updates and - oh yes, academic requirements. Personally, it was a time to hone my time management skills and get really proficient at cutting and pasting recycled essays. Sorry, but that’s just the facts of college life Trustees of the Universities. Imagining having a rather persistent ailment on top of all the previously mentioned juggling batons, is a bit mindboggling for lack of a better word. Which brings me to Kerry Magro, recent college graduate, whom I just recently learned of. He bravely shared “17 wishes from an adult with Autism” with a friend in high places, SF Gate writer, Laura Shumaker. While his wishes bring light and attention to Autism specifically, they are also much more universal and speak to the very heart of tolerance and compassion. Two qualities that seem in short demand at times.

Tolerance and Compassion

I wish for Kerry to have great success with his soon to be published book, “Autism: The College Spectrum,” and to further the cause of tolerance and compassion amongst our youth.

Kerry Magro - kerrymagro.comTouching insight from a young go-getter!

1. I wish that acceptance was easier to come by

2. I wish that loving one another was always on our mind

3. I wish that an "early diagnosis" remains a high priority

4. I wish that people would stop calling autism a disease

5. I wish that communication becomes easier for everyone with autism. We are trying.

6. I wish that we find more treatments to enhance the lives of people with autism

7. I wish that insurance for autism gets passed in all 50 states

8. I wish that the government would understand the need for services for the autistic in schools

9. I wish that autistic individuals can one day live their lives independently

10. I wish that I was capable of helping more

11. I wish that people would stop using the words "socially awkward" and “retard” in a negative way

12. I wish we raise awareness for all with disabilities. Those of us living with a disability are doing our very best.

13. I wish for those who are or love someone who is on the spectrum that you know that we are moving forward every single day.

14. I wish that all of our voices can be heard.

15. I wish everyone will follow the words of one of my favorite performers of all time, Michael Jackson who sang in his song called, "Man in the Mirror", If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.

16. I wish you all knew me when I was 4, when I was diagnosed with autism. For a long time I was lost. Scared of myself and what I was capable of. I never thought I would be where I am today... but I did it. I graduated from Seton Hall University this past May and will be going to Graduate School for Strategic Communications in the fall to boot.(YAY Kerry!) So for my final wish:

17. I wish for you all to always live life with hope. I wish that your days are filled with hope for a better tomorrow, and for today no matter how dark life gets sometimes that you realize you're never alone. I wish this for you...


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