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Blue Cheese and Chopsticks 

The indie band name of the year (read: Blue Cheese and Chopsticks) was inspired by paradise found in Kaua’i. Really, the name encapsulates the hybrid nature that defines Kauai’s character (not only a funny conversation with a waitress in which the phrase was coined). Cuisine that’s the product of west meets east, lush mountains and azure seas in one head turning panorama.

Seven sensational Hawaiian days

Being fortunate enough to spend seven sensational days in Kaua’i was a return to nature in the most profound way I have ever experienced. Sure, other Hawaiian islands are special and have their own treasures to explore, but there is something very primeval at work on Kaua’i, the eldest of the Hawaiian island chain. In all seriousness, the island is being reclaimed by the same ocean that gave it it’s birth. One day, the isle will cease to exist and be swallowed back up by the posturing Pacific. What this means for visitors and locals alike is an isle straight out of Hollywood’s imagination. Lush, mountainous rainforests teeming with life and the most beaches in all of the island chain combined. As the least commercially developed of the chain, Kaua’i has quite a variety of offerings.

Untouched wilderness

The south shores are the undisputed playground with highbrow hotels and tons of sunshine. The north (my personal favorite) is beautifully untouched wilderness – the most mystical part of the isle. The eastern town center of Kapa’a hosts the island’s main population center and a divine old town with superb food representing not only pan-Asian cuisine, but mighty Mexican and pizza that would make Italy blush. The western side of the isle boats Waimea Canyon and the longest beach in all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Wish granted in Kaua'i

Before exploring Kaua’i, I was looking forward to unplugging from work, my cell phone, and the constant chatter of the news. In two words: the grind. When I got to Kaua’i, I was mesmerized by all that I saw and wanted to get out, get lost, hike and explore a place that had really only existed in my imagination. Spending the entire day sleeping on the beach while perfect in so many ways, quickly faded from the list of desirable choices on the day’s agenda (gasp! It sounds good now!). I wished for paradise, a return to nature and all things beautiful. My wish was granted in Kaua’i. It truly has the stuff that dreams are made of. 

Recommended Kaua’i: Hike, Beach, Kayak and fish burger

  • Hike - Na Pali Coast Trail from Ke'e Beach to Hanakapi'ai Beach - 4 miles round trip. Incredible. 
  • Hidaways Beach - Princeville
  • Kayak Wailua river, short hike to the magnificent Wailua Falls.
  • Hanelei Bay, the North in general. - Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market restaurant. Sit by the river outside and munch on a delicious fish burger (blackened).

Recommended Kaua'i eating

  • The East Side - Higher End - Kapa'a - website
  • Kountry Kitchen - Breakfast - Kapa'a - urbanspoon
  • Monico's Taqueria - Cheap Mexican - Kapa'a - best value on the island yelp
  • Chicken in a Barrel a unique style of smoked barbecue food in a custom-made barrel smoker- Roadside - Kapa'a - website

For your rereading pleasure I recommend "The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed" a wonderful must have guidebook. Written by Andrew Doughty and Harriett Friedman.