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Are you a Terri Schiavo?

People in vegetative state are viewed as Deader Than Dead! Discover Magazine 

I recently came across another article about Terri Schiavo and others who ended up in persistent vegetative states due to catastrophic events resulting in severe brain damage.   Many people described what happened to these poor people as a, "fate worse than death", and their resulting condition as, "deader than dead".  In Terri's case there was a battle between her husband and her parents whether or not to keep her alive that lasted almost a decade.  


If Terri had written down or otherwise memorialized her wishes as to how she would want to be treated in her eventual circumstance, the heated debate and eventual battle between her loved ones would have been avoided.  If nothing else Terri did leave a legacy behind in that the controversy over Terri spurred a national awareness of the need to express ones wishes in these situations.  This is traditionally done through an Advanced Health Care Directive, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and/or Living Will.  To make it official it is necessary to express your wishes in a writing or some other media that can be verified as yours.  A few minutes now can avoid long term heartache.

You can also start by expressing this and other wishes on Wishes4Life now.

If you haven't already addressed this important issue in your estate plan, you can utilize the following document Interim Health Care Directive in our resource section as a first step.