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Courage Found, by the Cowardly Lioness 

Procrastination, stalling and (ok, I’ll cave) general weakling tendencies prevented me from having a rather routine surgery that’s common among teenagers in the US. Yes, the dreaded wisdom teeth, which on the surface appear about as useful as an appendix. They are fine and well and good until they become unruly and truly misbehave causing any multitude of ‘issues.’ Evolution has rendered them more of a liability than an advantage.

The removal urgency steadily increased over the years, candy bars and difficult to reach location. Which lead to every routine dental cleaning to have the same ring…. “when are you getting these removed…they are filling up with cavities.” My response was always the same…I told myself, “I’ll put it off until next year, or until after I graduate/move out/get married, etc. etc.” After more than ten years of this little drama, I knew my number was coming up sooner rather than later.

This is where Wishes4Life comes in. Believe it or not, I credit this ‘truth tool’ with giving me the nudge (ok, shove) I needed to get it done. Once I expressed my goal to accomplish this necessary evil, I did. Within four months, of articu

lating it, in fact. How’s that for revving up the gears? I’m a visual type and seeing my ‘goal’ starring at me in the face a few times a week was a pretty effective motivator. Not only had I grown tired of it starring me in the face, but now I was holding myself accountable (read: hostage) to completion. There’s nothing like the great feeling of “ticking the box,” and realizing a goal/wish/dream. The gratifying nature of accomplishment and recognition is something Wishes4Life fosters and celebrates. This is a relatively simple example, but it illustrates how you can make Wishes4Life work for you with the seemingly insurmountable.