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Cooking 4 Life: Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes - Best Mashed Potato


It’s not that you forgot Thanksgiving per se, it’s just that you didn’t exactly remember to cook for it.  You’ve got less than 30 minutes, a few items in the fridge and a hungry family, what are you going to do?  Maybe, it’s not that much of a nightmare, you’re probably just trying to put together the finishing touches on an otherwise family-centric day.  With that said, why not make the best mashed potatoes you’ve ever had in less than 20 minutes?

Quick and Delicious Mashed Potatoes

Really, all you need to make delicious mashed potatoes is: cream, butter and elbow grease.  Once you’ve blanched your potatoes (made them soft) and mashed them a bit in a bowl, add in parsley, oregano, pepper and salt.  In a pan, add cream slowly to a warm pan and then slowly add in the potatoes.  The key here is to keep the potatoes moving, the more air you whip into them, the lighter and fluffier they will taste.  Add in a little bit of butter along the way to make the potatoes even creamier.


Potatoes, It’s About The Decoration

Don’t forget, we eat with our eyes.  With that being said, carefully scoop your potatoes into a nice serving bowl and garnish with a little more parsley and oregano.  Despite you best efforts, expect the younger ones to still make a gravy volcano, but you can at least appreciate that it’s the best volcano they’ll ever eat!


Happy Thanksgiving!!