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Go The Extra Mile to Make a Wish Come True

Here we are on planet Earth with a limited amount of time to make the most of our lives. When we stop thinking about ourselves and redirect our thoughts, actions and intentions toward helping others fulfill their wishes, we have reaches a new level of wisdom, which is a lit candle in a dark room.

Go the extra mile to be creative, practical and sincere in helping solve a problem, empower a child, put a smile on a face and raise a person from the burdens of misery. Here is an easy way to get into the motion about going the extra mile to be kind and make a difference in the world.

Seven ideas of Kindness 

  • Pick up trash when you see it
  • Listen to a friend and help them realize their wish
  • Start a conversation while standing in a line
  • Send a thank you note to a person who has helped you
  • Ask a senior if she/he needs help with anything
  • Love without recognition or reward
  • Make cookies for a neighbor!